TMA builds dynamic learning partnerships

with teachers in under-resourced communities

Investing in teachers

Our core belief is that good instructional practices engage all students

Teacher Mentors Abroad (TMA) is a Canadian not-for-profit organization that helps teachers in needy communities improve their instructional practices and positively impact the achievement of their students. Operating on a “train the trainer” model of sustainable development, Canadian teacher mentors are sent abroad to provide professional development and train mentors in their home communities, building capacity amongst those living and working in under-resourced areas. Canadian mentors volunteer their time and money by developing workshops as a team and paying their own way on these work trips. Research supports the belief that when it comes to making improvements in education and student success, no investment yields more reward than improved teacher training. It simply makes sense. Teachers with access to training, can do more for students in their care. Since its inception in 2005, TMA has seen evidence of the tremendous educational change that is possible when one invests in teachers.

We foster emerging local leaders willing to guide and coordinate future training and development opportunities for their peers

  • building capacity
  • training the trainer
  • professional development
  • volunteers


Nancy Threan Loraine
TMA Founding President

“TMA’s biggest growth has been in the increased enthusiasm of Dominican teachers and principals hungry to learn and embrace teaching and leadership that motivates students to learn. I am also very proud of TMA’s dedicated board of directors and the incredible competence and commitment of the Canadian educators who embrace this work, They are passionate, selfless and outstanding ambassadors of Canada’s education system.”

Bonnie Noble

I thought of the potential for change within the system from only one individual leading staff through the same paradigm shift and it’s humbling to know that you are a part of that shift. What we are doing has ripple effects and can be far reaching.

Anita Watkins
Teacher and Photographer

What I witnessed was a deep commitment and passion for students and their education on the part of both Canadian and Dominican teachers alike. We really all had so much in common and I was inspired and humbled by their imagination, compassion and determination. I left feeling full of hope and with a renewed sense of purpose. This really IS the way to lift nations.